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  1. Cool. Cause something like that would bug me loads.
  2. Hello mate. I'd like to pop over tomorrow to view....pm please
  3. Cool..do I have to have a car or does he provide car and perhaps a private track to practice on? Cheers VP
  4. Hello. Do you have any suggestions for driving schools in South of England? Cheers Viper Gas
  5. So far some good suggestions! But for me as an over all package..style...handling...power...fun...the zed still stands out. Although the BMW M3 or the 335i two door might be a viable alternative since one can be picked up very cheap. What are your personal preferences?
  6. Can you get the fuel guage repaired?
  7. Hello I've been looking for a good looking and affordable performance coupe for some time. I have the 313 model in mind which I consider to be a lot of car for the money but and am considering to install a sc. The cost of a low milage zed is about £10000 The cost of a super charger capable of circa 400bhp (no internal mods) is what? £4000 If this is the case the total cost is about £14000. So here's my question. Some members on here have hinted it would be better to buy a different car with a stock engine already capable of similar performance. ...what would you get? Cheers VP
  8. That's a darn narrow track Andy although just makes me want to go out for a drive now. Where is that event? Any info on the net. Would love to take my pulsar. VP
  9. thanks to all those who have contributed to this threa. its very very useful. cheers VP
  10. hello, it does look better in white. great body design. this has set the bar high for my first z purhase





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