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  1. Does it have 1-6 gear pattern? If so I will offer £60 if posted today mate.
  2. Ahh I see, I'll see what I can do.
  3. Haha man, you really shouldn't let little things upset you as you'll do yourself some damage! Now go listen to classical music, you're the stig right?
  4. zzzzzzz Hey if you don't try you won't get anything haha!
  5. Slightly put off by bumper damage/respray as i've just noticed the post do you have pictures of the damage then repair job? Does the paint match exactly as it should etc? Also do you have 2 keys + master key? I'm looking to buy my second 350z for my birthday tomorrow lol so i'll be buying something in the next few days. Let me know if we can sort something out, you'll struggle selling it when it's almost christmas and because it's winter. I have 10k cash sitting here looking at me (that's my life savings lol!) I'm way up north so it'll cost quite a bit to come down.
  6. My offer still stands 10k cash lol no messing around bro!
  7. Got 10k cash sitting here if you feel like selling lol
  8. Just depends on the person really, I picked up a HR for 8750 25k miles FSH etc - Anyways it's coming up to winter you'll struggle selling it, might be worth waiting until summer, why are you selling it mate?
  9. Lovely car mate, slightly overpriced but not by much, i'd say anywhere between £8000-9000 would be about right. GLWS!
  10. Much for the rear bumper? Would you post? Every item I see is always 200+ miles away grr!
  11. Pop up on Live chat Octet, got some stuff to discuss with you
  12. Interested in this, will let you know by tomorrow, finally got my Z btw.



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