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  1. Hi sorry not been on here in ages hence not getting back to people. I have since sold everything except the splitter and boot lip! Original post updated to suit. Thanks and sorry again!
  2. Yeah I dropped them to 40 and im happy to take that but no less.
  3. Prices been updated. Mick r-1 would guess £10-15 p&p but would prefer collections as its alot less hassle.
  4. topic been edited with remaining bits forsale and price drops. thanks
  5. I have still got them but want to sell as a set because fronts on there own aren't much use unless someone is in the same position as you.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I didnt want to be posting anything as above just purely because of things getting damaged and I like to know people like what they're getting.
  7. Thanks for the link glrnet Richard you have pm
  8. Can people pm me if they 100% want which ever part as im getting interest a few times for parts and want to allocate who asks first etc. Thanks folks
  9. Sounds like you do need skirts, do need skirts





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