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  1. Okay the headlight washers work (didn't realise you needed the lights on) but the windscreen ones still don't. Us there meant to be two sets of fuses? I can only find one and the wahers don't seem to be on it
  2. Wow thanks. Just did a quick check, there is no sound from the motor but the back washer works. Gonna try checking the other stuff now
  3. Not entirely sure where is the right place to post this. For some reason my Jet Washer have stopped working. When I pull on the handle to turn them on, my windscreen wipers come on for a bit, but no water comes out. At first I figured the water had just ran out, but I topped it up and its still not working. I've never had any dealing with the jets outside of filling them up with water on any car I've ever owned, so I am little unsure of exactly where to start to try and figure out what the problem is. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. That's because it's less a car review show and more an entertainment show. It's why it does so well, because it appeals to more than just petrol heads. There are few cars I would pick over a 350Z (That aren't 200k+) but that is definitely one of them. I absolutely love the look of the RX7. It's just a shame the RX8 is such a let down compared (looks wise, anyway).
  5. Dayy

    Cobra v Scorpion

    I should really get my friend to make a video. He has a Scorpion exhaust, I have the Cobra exhaust. Not heard his yet, but I can tell you that the Cobra exhaust is wonderful.
  6. I should look in to converting that Blue tooth adapter on mine in to something useful. I don't even use blue tooth; hell my aftermarket head unit doesn't have it even if I wanted to use it. Someone tell me how to turn it in to two cup holders pronto! <3
  7. I can see where they are coming from. Some cars, to me at least, just seem more manly or womanly. An Audi TT, for example, to me is a womans car. So is a Mazda MX-5 or a Toyota MR2. Not to say there is anything wrong with those cars (I actually really like the TT). Conversely your more aggressive looking cars tend to have a more manly image to them IMO. Saying that though, I think that women driving those kinda of cars is quite hot so I don't really know what the point of this all is. *shrug*
  8. I'm of the opinion they basically just throw darts at a dart board and see what price they can come up with that way. I once got quoted less for a brand new Audi R8 (Just messing with prices) than my friend was paying at the time for his 4 year old 1.2 Clio. The difference in our situations wasn't that big either.
  9. Of the 180k people there, I saw like, 3 ugly people. Before I went I thought they just edited the videos incredibly well (since you never see any English in the videos) but turns out that pretty much everyone that goes is good looking and there are a total of about 7 English people there. If you need drugs, it turns out its fairly simple. Just walk around and ask people The amount of pills me and my friends got offered was crazy. But enough of the Tomorrowland talk, it's making me depressed I had to leave. Just took the car back out and I have to say below 2k RPM its pretty sile
  10. I have to say, Tomorrowland was quite the change from Download last month, but despite preferring Rock/Metal, Tomorrowland blew it out of the water.
  11. And I couldn't be happier :teeth: :teeth: Some of you may have seen that my 350z failed it's MOT at the start of the month. Well after some messing around and talks with a few people on here I finally got the parts sorted for it. Just got back from my little trip to Tomorrowland (which for anyone that likes dance/house/elecro/dubstep/etc you *NEED* to go to Tomorrowland), and I find out my car is fixed and MOTd and ready to be picked up. Got the resonated Cobra Sports exhaust put on it, it seems quieter than the OEM, but that might be because I was getting to use to the sound mine m
  12. Keep us updated. And don't forget pictures!
  13. It all depends how attractive they are. The only reason why guys stay friends with their guy friends is because they don't find them attractive. End of the day people who you are good friends with are the type of people you will fall in love with, the only difference is the physical attraction, which is a lot more likely to happen with the sex you prefer, than the sex you don't. All of my closest female friends I have because I originally wanted to get in to their pants (my best female friend is my ex). Of course, if they are ugly (in your eyes) then that physical attraction is taken out.
  14. Dayy

    Wheel Spacers

    While we are on the topic of Spacers from CS, I was wondering. What is the difference between the 4 different types you sell? Is it as simple as one being front and back at different sizes, one being a pair at the same size and the other two being front and back separate?
  15. I can thank this new car for my 350z's new clear reflectors too :-)
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