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  1. Hi all I presume this is a sensor but not sure where i replace it and what i have to do - but the window on my drivers side keeps going down half way - often when i close the door but woke up this morning and its half way down so it's now doing it when a car goes past or something - any advise greatly appreciated
  2. Toad


    lol Commander that's because I really don't want to sale it
  3. Toad


    hi all i'm going to have to sell my car - if any of you have mates who are looking you will get first dibs
  4. thanks me bad and lazy
  5. 4.3 does the same on my s3 drops it out - frigging nightmare
  6. Hi all - wonder if anyone else has had this - but lately when i turn the car on it lights up phone on the radio and auto connects Bluetooth to my phone - but after a few seconds it drops it out - when i manually re-pair to the car it connects turns blue on my phone to say connected but once again after a few seconds drops to grey and when i make calls it just won't connect through the car. I have a samsung s3 which used to work fine - have a messed up something with the internal phone button on the steering wheel etc? Any help appreciated
  7. sorry jsut about to replace tyre and the car manual spec says 245/45 ZR18 96y but current tyres on the ball say 100y rather than 96y - does it make any difference thanks toad
  8. yeah pressure gauge so its ok to move i just haven't noticed it before - but cool I'll relax and keep on rolling
  9. Just noticed on the motorway the oil temp is at around 70 when stationary goes down to under 30 but goes up on acceleration - is this a case of low oil or is it normal as i haven't noticed it before thanks Dave
  10. I've been rattling my knob for over 30 years now, I wouldn't worry about it fella
  11. just got some thanks for link fingers crossed -
  12. mine still wont open so will try this - could you post me a pair of your nipples please
  13. lol - fair play to going out there fella, I didn't have the bottle
  14. Toad

    Ebay mats?

    just got mine in the psot from Alex - thanks mate love um
  15. yeah i noticed them too - dave = morgs i believe, if i get the cash together i will get a set - will i just need ne tyres and job done





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