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  1. I also get calls sometimes starting...... "I'm just calling about the accident you've recently had in your Nissan......" Also get calls from people trying to sell warranty's, I hate these calls. My home phone has not been plugged in for over a year, it was newly installed by Sky (which i asked to be ex-directory) and within 1 week i was receiving calls like this, as well as PPI etc and i hadn't even given my phone number to anyone yet.
  2. Think i'll give it a try, never used anythign like this before. Also been thinking of a product to use on the doors of my shower in my house recently too, i'll give RainX a go for this too. Jon
  3. Pnthrblkzs

    Carbon Dipping

    I've never seen a DIY kit before, i'm sure it will take alot of time and practice and therefore expense to get right though. I've only watched the video above quickly while at work and with no sound, the finished result looks wrinkled to me and she obviously considers herself to be good enough to instruct others with her Youtube video. Still think it will look better than wrap though Jon
  4. edit, just read you're in Caerphilly and this car is a MY04 GT spec car Where are you? What is your budget? What spec, colour, mileage etc are you aiming for? It's always worth a wanted post on here as someone may be about to sell but not yet written an advert Jon
  5. Some people (including me) find/found the bond on the standard gear knob difficult to break. Others have been able to remove the standard gear knob by hand. As per the guide be sure to grip the shaft when turning the gear knob so you don't damage the transmission
  6. Look out for.... rotten exhausts budget tyres stone chipped front ends curbed alloys and bubbling finish on alloys if you can buy a car that has had the standard stereo replaced already that'll save you money as the standard stereo has several common problems that render it useless (imo) Don't bother holding out for a model with the standard birds eye sat nav as ive read it's not up to scratch. other than that look out for standard wear items such as worn bushes, worn discs and pads, worn tyre tread, worn leather interior and scuffed door cards (these cars are difficult to get in and out of if you are tall and the door card suffers) the engines are pretty reliable, obviously look for a car with a full service history some cars suffer with clicky rear axles, but nothing a dab of grease and a confident DIY'er can't sort though. Rays alloys were an option on pre '06 cars GT spec is nice as it adds cruise control, heated leather seats, "Bose" stereo components Good luck with your search, there are always loads for sale, test drive a few to get a feel for the cars first.
  7. to be honest Matt, the 2nd hand Nismo gear knobs i've seen on here recently aren't far off new prices. Get one bought they look great. Here is a fitting guide if you need it http://www.nicoclub.com/archives/how-to-replace-the-oem-shift-knob-with-an-aftermarket-shift-knob-nissan-350z.html Jon
  8. How has the paint hld up on the rubber grommet used for the rear wiper arm hole? if i ever remove my wiper arm i wanted to spray the grommet silver to match my car but was worried the paint would flex and crack off. P.s good luck with the sale.
  9. I never see anyone around, I don't get out much though. I'll keep an eye out for you SamN I live and work in chandlers ford.
  10. The guy i bought my car from only sells cars he's interested in. He has a big drive and works from home. When i bought mine he had 3 350z's lined up outside to pick from. Jon
  11. Gotta say im jealous, wish i had the time and patience to go through cars like you. I'd like to sell mine for something more practical but tbh i can't be arsed with the hassle of timewasters etc etc. Good luck with the sale and new purchase.
  12. I probably don't use my phone to even half of it's capabilities so to me, it looks a little better, thats it. My girlfriend updated hers last night and she had a problem with a typing delay on the keypad which made it quite unusable, quick google search revealed she had to turn off "Documents and Data" in iCloud to fix it. just a little heads up for anyone who may suffer the same issue. Jon
  13. Wouldn't mind lambo doors on mine, being 6ft 4 it's a right pain slotting myself in and out in car parks without touching the car next door
  14. http://www.350z-tech.com/wiki/index.php?title=TSB_04-089_Window_Regulator_Motor_Reset_Procedure





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