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  1. Tis not mine, mine is single turbo. May be for sale soon as a running project has been laid up for 6 months now as I have to many projects and have bought a Supra
  2. Got a genuine turbowerx pump in my garage I'd sell, done around 30mins work
  3. I have a genuine Turbowerx scavenge pump imported from the states, was contemplating this idea myself but have gone turbo in the engine bay now so no longer needed. the pump has seen 5 mins work and id be open to offers... would ofcourse sell the pump via the for sale section on the forum.
  4. ah thankyou for the info i think i will go for the direct plug in like i originally was after,either haltech or the syvecs. ive looked into both and im not fussed with either they will both cater for all my needs
  5. so i take it that this ecu is exactly the same spec as the direct pro plug in just in a normal ecu shape... suitable for turbo ect ect is there a link antwhere on the ecu spec i have looked at the haltech website with no luck.
  6. i was getting confused for a moment there. is this the universal haltech platinum pro ecu with the lead to plug directly into the 350z rather than the haltech platinum pro 350z plug in ecu that is a direct replacement on the stock one? im interested as im after an ecu but had my sights set on the pro plug in. feel free to pm me if it is easier. cheers tommy
  7. Any confirmed prices for these yet for an 04 zed? this seems better than the haltech ive been looking at
  8. just a quick photo guys of some goodies i have been aquiring this past month. With regards to questions all i can say is im going custom single turbo gt35r 1.06ar. have no definate idea how but believe me i will! not making a build thread just because im not sure when i will be able to update answer questions ect ect but i will be documenting and taking pictures as it goes so will make little updates here and there
  9. cant help you with this mate but my brother has had the same issue on his 350z since hes had it. never caused any harm just cant seem to find what it is.





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