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  1. I only got my k and n for the noise who cares about 1bhp lose ! You will not get any gains on these engines unless you win the lottery and spend a fortune these cars are for cruising now my friends , modern diesels are faster now !.......
  2. Another smoking issue! Mine had a very expensive rebuild two years ago and it's started smoking again after 12 months ! Good luck with it .
  3. Start up only it isn't stood for more than two weeks and I never leave it ticking over always start and go and it's had three oil changes millers running oil 200 miles and 700 miles then fully synthetic. I'll sort a leak and comp test and see what that comes up with .
  4. Hy Keyser Only done 2500 miles ,it's not blue or black smoke more like a grey white smoke but doesn't smell sweet so not antifreeze ,not losing water and tank is clear . Could it be leaking Injecters ? Thanks
  5. Hi all I had my 2004 z engine rebuild 2 years ago it's only done 2500 miles since rebuild and its smoking on start up I'm gutted, (It was rebuild by a "specialist" ) I've had the plugs out and inspected the top of the Pistons and the left bank are all wet and black. I can't face lifting that lump out again. My question to any engine builders out there is can you replace the valve seals without lifting the head ? Any help would be appreciated .
  6. Hi What will you take for module and what part of the country are you from? Thanks.
  7. Can I buy this off you when finished please ? This is going to be awesome .
  8. Good on ya fella , But this thread has made my morningí ½í¸‚
  9. Hello Jon I'm selling my 2004 z in the new year due to health , bad back!!! It's a weekend car 58000 miles and just had an engine rebuild by abbey motors it's been been my baby for 4 years and treated like one. Pm me if interested .
  10. Welcome I am just running in my abbey built 350 engine which has the uprev, I will give you a ring in a couple of weeks, and you're not to far away, we'll closer than Abbey
  11. Anyone traveling down from the midlands (shrewsbury) sat morning ? I also would like to know where the Chippenham hotel is, will try and get there for 7





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