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  1. hi all who was the guy in the silver super charged 350z he was owning the track x
  2. Thanks for letting me show on your stand had a great day and met some lovely people x
  3. hi spotted you near the Cheshire outlet park flashed you I was in my white 370z x anyone of the club
  4. sorry mate I'm back in Falmouth Cornwall my home town was only up north a few weeks to arrange my mothers funeral
  5. Sorry can't help either I have owned my 370z gt 3 years now and I have never heard my alarm
  6. Hi you should try Dodo Juice Supernatural x
  7. For the best finish on my Le mans blue - Dodo Supernatural
  8. without the rear spoiler it puts me off to be honest
  9. Hi just had mine done after fitting tyres and because of our magnesium wheels its 108 n
  10. Hi purplelava1963 Battlefield 4 , Forza 5 Hope to see you Carl x
  11. A le mans blue gt 370 Z in Falmouth
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