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  1. Needed a new window motor and this was sent out very quickly and just great service. Definitely would recommend. Thanks
  2. Good question, I bought the nismo exhaust with some miles on already and it must have been 2-3 years at least now, say, 20k miles on top of what it was when I got it, which I think was not that much, 15k? May well have been the berk hfcs when I had them on hastened it a bit and no doubt these completely stupid and unnecessary one way traps which scraped them at a park and ride (at sod all mph, the right way). I think ian swapped his for an ichiba and had no more issues, I may consider the same, depending on how long I want to keep the z.
  3. Had an e46 52 plate m3 before the zed, thought i'd have less issues with the zed. The 53 plates had some changes, but by its age now I'm guessing most of them will be ironed out, like coil packs etc. Must say i'm surprised by how much value they still hold.
  4. Big thanks to alex on this, very helpful as usual, unlike some certain nissan dealerships.
  5. Just wondering whether a standard nissan y pipe would fit, if not any suppliers who can provide a replacement for the nismo y pipe?
  6. I don't like porsches.... But oof
  7. I think berserk may be a little optimistic unless you stick a twin turbo on it
  8. 12s at the rear? You're just silly
  9. They come in 18x8 and 18x9 apparently, no 19s. They have pretty lousy offsets and on a brief glance I can't find much info on them, rarerims is your best bet. They're work meister copies btw, but I think they stopped doing them ages back, think one member here has them though In 19"s those would be more than double that amount easy unless you can find some second hand.
  10. Mine are nothing like as wide as docwras, think you'll struggle to find many that are.
  11. Went ep3, m3, then 350z. Tbh, an ep3 is a lot of fun down b roads, it's a fantastic car for that type of roads, very chuckable, imho lovely gearchanges and everything feels very direct. Drive the same way in the zed, you will be sideways, you will hit something. Imho, The 350z is a bit more of a compromise for all types of road, it's much heavier, it's less practical and tbh I seem to ground out surprisingly often That said, I like the torque in the zed, I love the sound of the zed, I much prefer the way it looks and it is a bit quicker. I do have memories of the ep3 putting a big smile on my face, but got a little bit less keen on the understeer and tyre scrabbling in the end.
  12. There was some play in my steering rack and the clunk sound, not to mention some of the hoses had gone as well. Rack replaced with a pre owned from alex and it doesn't seem to have gone back Apparently it was the first time japex had seen it.
  13. Those are lovely But to me they don't look like the enkeis, closer to work cr kais tbh, but faaarr nicer Shame about the calipers behind them though Wonder where our resident wheel hoes are (Looks like you've got taste )
  14. Looks like they're discontinued for starters and they look to me identical to the enkeis?
  15. http://www.enkei.co.uk/acatalog/Enkei_L ... heels.html Kit for me is a bit But maybe tarmac could get hold of it for you?



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