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  1. Needed a new window motor and this was sent out very quickly and just great service. Definitely would recommend. Thanks
  2. Good question, I bought the nismo exhaust with some miles on already and it must have been 2-3 years at least now, say, 20k miles on top of what it was when I got it, which I think was not that much, 15k? May well have been the berk hfcs when I had them on hastened it a bit and no doubt these completely stupid and unnecessary one way traps which scraped them at a park and ride (at sod all mph, the right way). I think ian swapped his for an ichiba and had no more issues, I may consider the same, depending on how long I want to keep the z.
  3. Had an e46 52 plate m3 before the zed, thought i'd have less issues with the zed. The 53 plates had some changes, but by its age now I'm guessing most of them will be ironed out, like coil packs etc. Must say i'm surprised by how much value they still hold.
  4. Big thanks to alex on this, very helpful as usual, unlike some certain nissan dealerships.
  5. Just wondering whether a standard nissan y pipe would fit, if not any suppliers who can provide a replacement for the nismo y pipe?
  6. If you have it declared on an insurance certificate, what more proof do you need? In fact i'm struggling to see why you need any compensation, they screwed up and sorted it out with what doesn't even sound like much hassle. Can't say i've ever had this problem with them, but then again I don't know why i'd be entering my reg number each time. There are some other companies which don't even bother adding modifications you discuss with them in detail over the phone, then find out later on you don't actually have them on your policy. Admiral are the most straight forward insurer i've dealt with so far. They certainly don't seem to have any unusual get out clauses in their documentation either, unlike some smaller companies.
  7. Urr... Yes? I carry a spray bottle filled with onr and a microfibre in the car.
  8. Optimum no rinse and a microfibre
  9. But why speed in a 30? They're full of traffic, houses, people running into the middle of the road and poor visibility. I'm not saying for one second I haven't exceeded the speed limit anywhere, but if it's in a 30, i'm definitely not sitting at 40 plus constantly. Chances are if you are, you haven't noticed anything else either. This complete and utter lack of awareness, not the speed, is dangerous.
  10. I don't like porsches.... But oof
  11. When you consider how many drivers are like that, yes. Put a big fricking chicane in the road, without any signs. Just have a big bulldozer to clean up the remains
  12. Urr, I didn't say it was a good excuse, nor one to be used in defence. More of a reality rather than an excuse.
  13. The only excuse I can think of is you're not paying attention to anything, including your speed.
  14. Just a thought, maybe 30mph speed limits are the ones you need to be paying more attention in. The fact it's 3 times now, you'd hope to have learned after the first or even second time.





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