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  1. A nice reflective shot for all you detailers out there!
  2. Thanks for those pics Ra, but I think it looks too much like a transformer! Each to their own I suppose
  3. Although the kit (Vertex) has been shown on a page previously, these are the pics that made me fall in love with it:
  4. Sorry to 'bump' an old thread - Baker21 is brilliant at detailing, well worth a look. Top bloke with a very nice write up and partner! Hope this helps, Rob. Baker21 is a good lad, met him at a North Eastern detailing meet a few months ago. I've been on detailing world for a while now, some very good info on there. Just reading through the studio part and seeing what peope do and use is pretty interesting.
  5. Looks like a little argument going on in the background Wheels look very



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