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  1. Hey, you scouting my area? I thought I was the only Zed in the village! I live about 200 meters away from that station!
  2. Sorry about this guys but I'm double booked this weekend and won't be able to make it. I'm pretty disappointed as its going to be a brilliant event. If there is someway I can make this, I will pop over and visit you all! Can't wait to see the photos!
  3. I pulled onto the slip road in heavy traffic and you went past on the outside lane about 4 cars infront. Private plate on, looking good!
  4. Just had my MOT done today and had advisory points on the two rear tyres. I have Falken 915's on and have got about 15k out of them. Not sure about how much is left on the fronts, I'm going to get them look at this weekend.
  5. Lexx.......Nooooooooooooooooo! On the plus side, as everyone else have said, I'm glad you are ok and that no one was on the pavement you a 'boardslide' on. I saw Coopes and lee out in Boro over xmas and they told me about this. I've only just got around to coming online now. Hope you get a favourable result from the insurance company. Fingers crossed for you.
  6. In times like this we have to hand the car over to our tame racing driver.............sorry I got carried away there but looking at the Top Gear power lap times they both come in at 1 minute 19 seconds. and on that bombshell...............I'll get my coat! oh, happy new year everyone!
  7. From the look of the skateboard video, he falls, legs split and his board flicks up, he falls onto it snapping his board due to the force of it hitting his 'smelly bridge' area. Makes me glad I snowboard, feet are strapped to the board!
  8. Anyone know how to remove the old plates? I'm assuming that heat is the way forward to get the old tape to give up the plate I've got enough tape to patch together the Titanic for the new ones. Also the wife has new plates too but her old ones are currently screwed on. Will I be ok just sticking her new ones on or will I have to screw the new ones on as well?
  9. Just getting some prices now to have my plates made up that I got my 30th, and the matching plate I bought for the wife. Halfrauds - £14.99 each Local garage - £6.25 each I think we have a winner. Will post pics of what I get when I finally get them sorted.
  10. No mention of insurance costs, just the petrol ones. I'm entered in anyway Cheers for the heads up Mart
  11. Hello, I thought I needed to take drastic action today in order to get my first confirmed Zed sighting off the board. Black 55 plate Zed parked in the Cricketers Arms car park in Stockton. I've parked right next to you, and noticed that you have a club sticker on the window! Say hi on here to prove I'm not going mad!
  12. Its certainly a monster! I did buy the Zed knowing that this might happen in the winter and I can still say it is worth it for those dry days in the summer........or should that be the dry day in the summer.
  13. I couldn't even get mine off the drive last winter so I ended up taking the bus to work. The route to work has some dodgy hills so I probably did myself a favour not taking it out. Think I'm destined for the same format this year. This is a picture of the killer hill my drive is on..............
  14. Spotted you this morning, two lads in a black 54 coupe pulling into a parking space in Yarm High Street. Anyone on here?





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