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350Z HR exhaust, cats and standard spoiler.


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Hello fellow Zedders! having a clearout day and have some of my standard parts up for grabs, willing to post all, but prefer collection. the donar car is a 44k 57 HR in temper/solar orange. Reason for sale is I am running aftermarket parts.


Hope the photos are ok I forgot halfway through to post my username so took a few afterwards, it was raining so all parts will be cleaned good and better photos if required! ( the white on exhaust is missed polish... and just surface dirt, it is on good condition in my personal opinion) there is a bolt sheared in the backbox I have tried to show as best as I can, easy fix swap out for a new one.


exhaust I would like 130 collected, postage is an extra 20 I think through paisley, then the purchase of some packing so call it 160 delivered


cats I would like 100 collected or 120 delivered


spoiler 50 takes it away, or 60 posted,


Postage costs are estimate if you are genuinely interested I can get a offical quote on request.


forgot to add the sensor in one of the cats works perfect it was just too tight to bother taking out.


Also if someone knows what the bracket in the last image is for/ if I need it please feel free to help me out.


















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Approved but please go and edit your thread so the images display automatically


copy the image url and paste that into the box when you press the image button in your thread



did the first one for you :)

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