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My car, 2004 with 70,000 has started using about 2 litres between services (that's 2 top ups) and when hot the oil pressure varies between 25 at idle , 43 at 2000, and 60 at max revs.

I get a regular service at a Bosch service centre (I've found one that cares) and let them supply 5W 30 semi-synthetic. Would my car benefit from a better oil and would I see better pressures and lower oil consumption ?


Semi synthetics are totally mineral based, therefore all the molecules are randomly sized and when the oil gets hot, the smaller molecules will evaporate and burn off. That is usually a large part of the oil consumption. It also means the remaining molecules are not an even mix of sizes and will not have all the properties that the oil did to start with. Synthetics are mad of uniformly sized particles and they are much less likely to evaporate and burn when hot, meaning the consumption is reduced and the oil properties remain the same for much longer. Give a 5w-30 synthetic a go next time, it doesn't need to be overly expensive (just buy when it's on offer), something like Motul X-Max or Gulf XLE and see how it goes.







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In a standard to lightly modified 350Z? Then no, 10w-40 isn't really right. 5w-30 for standard or a little upgraded and 5w-40 for fairly heavy modifications or a lot of track time.


ive found that 10/60 fully synthetic kept the best oil pressures in extreme temps. 10/40 could drop as low as 10 psi but same use saw min 25psi out of the 10/60.


this is only for extreme track use though...........

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and what would you recommend for a Supercharged engine?


I have the Novidem supercharger based on a Garett R.48 increasing the output of the engine to 380 hp and 450 nm torque.


I currently use 5W30 Shell (not sure if it is mineral or synthetic) and it does not use oil ( in 12000 km it has only reached the middle of the dipstick section H to L)

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