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Azure sitting on Rota Drift Grids


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^^^ its not massively lower but I've had teins on my previous Zed so I know the difference and it is quite a bit if you sat the cars side by side.


If you think you'll struggle then dont go that low, I dont have any issues with mine but I dont really have any roads near with speed bumps, none that cause it to scrape anyway. All I would say, the eibachs ride much better than the teins, I found mine rock hard where as these Eibachs are very good even with the rubber band tyres.


Thanks, I'm holding off anyway until after I do the other visual mods to the car so I can see how low a front lip and skirts will sit, but having said that, I think I'll end up with the Teins despite the harder ride. If I could justify it, it's go coil overs and drop about 20mm I think.

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My last Zed had teins with a veilside v1 lip and that did used to scrape on inclines. Personally i'd go a bit lower and not bother with the lip but your call obviously.


Well I already have a Spoiler to go on and I think it would look weird without a front lip, then i'll need skirts because it'll look weird with the other 2 lol

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