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I can't remember if it was after the site went down in April or when the clocks changed, but the post times are off for me by 1 hour. 1 hour before they are made to be exact. This only seems to be the case on my Apple devices (Macbook, iMac, iPhone) but appears to be fine on Windows based systems. Just there now I checked to make sure I was in the correct timezone in Site Preferences incase I was seeing things when last using Windows, but I wasn't, timezone was correct. However, I did just change it a few minutes ago to be 1 hour later incase someone checks.


It would be great if there is a fix for this because it's actually quite annoying to have to think to myself what time it is minus an hour to know when the post was, errr posted.



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Just change your forum time setting when the clocks change. No point the admins changing the time here as that would effect people who read the forum in other parts of the world where the time doesn't change.

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