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Rays and spacers????


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Hi guys and girls, i have an 06 350z convertible and want to venture to my first mod....spacers!


i have searched this topic as i thought it would have been asked a million times but no look.


is there any pictures of the standard rays with spacers fitted?


what setup should i go for i dont want any rubbing but would love to have them out as far as possible with out rubbing?


would 25mm rear and 20mm front achieve this with no rubbing?


where is the best and cheapest place to get spacers from?


any help much appreciated




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I have got an '05 roadster with the Rays wheels. I have gone for 20/20 spacers £120 from MWtech on this forum. I thought about wider but I really can't be doing with any rubbing at all. They should be waiting at home for me when I get home from holiday on Friday and I may well fit them then.


Cheers, Ant.

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I had the Eibach ones. Cost more though. Dont know hoe easy the MW ones are to fit as there are a couple of versions available for the 350z. System 4 or 6 form Eibach. I think its the system 6 which are the easiest ones to fit as you dont need to remove the studs. If the MW are the easy fit version then worth going for as they are a good saving

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