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  1. I used to own this car. The guy has looked after it better than me, I was never one for the cosmetic details! It was a fantastic driving car, probably one of the best cars I have owned (and I have owned a few!). I am even tempted to sell my beloved S2K and get another (albeit in HR spec). I was amazed when I logged on to the 350 forum for the first time in about 4 years and saw it up for sale right there! I was tempted for a second I must admit! It made good power too when it was last dyno'd! 295@ the flywheel - something like that. (PS that Audi TT was one the most hideous cars I ever owned, what the **** was I thinking?!? Right up there with my 2nd car a Citroen BX14; needless to say I did not keep it long!)
  2. Sold, please close the thread. Cheers, Anthony
  3. Sold and gone. Please can a mod lock the thread. Cheers, Anthony.
  4. Brand new plugs, never got around to fitting them. £40 inc postage. If using Paypal gift only please. Cheers, Anthony.
  5. I took these pictures today, very pleased with them
  6. Bump; I have reduced the price now as I need to get a move on selling the car. Anthony
  7. Thanks guys, I have to say it's one of the best cars I have ever owned (and I have owned gazillions!) and today I had second thoughts about selling. If no one is able to offer me the full whack for it I wont lose any sleep over having to keep it.
  8. Nissan 350Z – 2005 roadster, 44,000 miles, 6 speed manual, GT pack (Rays wheels, Sat Nav, Leather seats, Bose stereo). Dyno proven horsepower of roughly 300bhp at the flywheel (261bhp @hubs). The car has a comprehensive service history. I am a trained motor technician and have recently serviced the car, changed the gear and diff oils and fitted new brake pads all around (performance fast road Ferodo DS2500 pads, really improved the brakes). I have also replaced the rear tyres and had the wheel alignment done recently. The car drives beautifully and sounds awesome. It has a few choice modifications to improve sound, engine breathing, braking and fuel consumption. It has never been used on track. The car has the standard catalytic converters removed, but it is fitted with a racing catalyst so it still gets through the MOT. I have the very high quality Motordyne XYZ ‘Y pipe’ fitted also, the rest of the exhaust is standard so it gives the best improvement in performance without sounding too loud. I also have a JWT pop charger induction kit fitted which makes an awesome sound. The car has had an ECU remap at renowned Nissan tuners; Abbey Motorsport. This has improved throttle response, power, torque and fuel economy (the standard ECU map is horrible!). The car has made 261bhp at the hubs which equates to around 295bhp at the flywheel, considering most pre 2006 Zeds struggle to make 260bhp at the flywheel this is an impressive gain from relatively minor mods. Interior is completely standard except for an ipod connector I have fitted to the Bose stereo (this is a popular modification). Car has loads of Tax and MOT (over 6 months don’t have exact figures to hand). Fuel consumption is far better than you may think. I can get 35mpg on the motorway, 28 around town and even with spirited driving I never see less than 24-25mpg. Bad points: tiny dent in the bonnet at the top, scuff by the front of the passenger door on the sill/wing area and the usual curbing to the nearside front alloy wheel. Finally some delightful soul broke my fuel filler cap off and the replacement isn’t perfectly colour matched but this really isn’t that noticeable. I can provide detailed photos to anyone wanting to see this close up. I need to sell the car to free up some money to buy a house, I will need to replace it however so I am interested in PX, something cheaper to run with cash my way, I will consider just about anything but no Italian cars or Vauxhalls thanks. Not in any massive hurry to sell to be honest but thought I ought to start advertising. Please only contact me if you have fully read the advert and are genuinely interested, I am fed up with time wasters when selling cars. Price is a super cheap £8500ovno Private plate has been removed, forms sent and this will be finalised in the next couple of days.
  9. Well boys and girls. I have said all there is to say on the topic. If you want to continue your little crusade go right ahead I have made my point, agree or disagree - your choice.
  10. Hahaha hilarious that you are telling me to read the thread, when I was making a generalised comment not necessarily related to any specific comments.... How am I missing the point? I have already stated that I agree with you. The statement I am making is that I cannot stand people complaining about others driving 'over the limit' on the road when they themselves do it also. That has nothing to do with your point which, just in case you need me to say one more time - I totally agree with. Ffs will you for the love of God re-read the thread and original comments....no one was that arsed about the driving.....just the fact it was posted up. Whoever reported the video (and no it wasnt me.....is rather have the entertainment of the aftermath) did so because it could of got Dj in trouble. For example.......youve clearly laid your colours down as a road warrior ......maybe the next time you ask Chris knott for a quote they might read this thread.....
  11. And you think I will be up at night worrying? Ahh bless you son. I enjoy and revel in a good argument, some silly web debate wont lose me any sleep so really, don't worry about me ;-)
  12. I must admit that I was so utterly incensed by the first couple of sentences I did not read the entirety of your post. Yes you utterly misinterpreted my post, but it's hard to describe ones driving habits in a single sentence after all.
  13. How am I missing the point? I have already stated that I agree with you. The statement I am making is that I cannot stand people complaining about others driving 'over the limit' on the road when they themselves do it also. That has nothing to do with your point which, just in case you need me to say one more time - I totally agree with.
  14. I really just want to say again WTF?!?!?! When the HELL did I ever make claim to drive in that way? I have a totally clean license and I am an extremely experienced driver from Citroen 2CV's to 700bhp Skyline GTR's with dozens of track days and many hours of professional training under my belt. My grandfather was killed when a car pulled out of a junction and hit his bike without seeing him so I am well aware of consequences of poor driving. I don't drive like an idiot but I DON'T like people that are total hypocrites. Practice what you f**king preach pal, if I can't see round a corner I wont be pushing hard round it, simple as.
  15. Imagine that being read out in a court of law in a case against you due to a driving offense. The local papers would be quoting that and the judge and jury would lap it up. HAHAH This is EXACTLY what I was complaining about. Did I say I drive like a lunatic - No. I said there is nothing wrong with a bit of hooning. I know how to drive well within my limits and would NEVER push hard enough to endanger anyone else - or even my self. Picture this - a clear road in the forest (where I live) - not a soul about, 90o turn to the left - slow entry with throttle on the exit to push the tail a little wide. Is this a crime? Will it hurt anyone? Just so you know I have been involved in tons of meets with GTROC and FD:UK and a load of convoys and no one has ever complained about my driving, because I know when to be sensible and when to have a bit of fun. Have fun driving within every limit of the law, making sure to NEVER lose traction on those rear wheels, if you do I hope you feel the hypercritical 'guy' you are. I don't claim to be Jenson Button and I don't try to be. I just don't act all high and mighty when someone posts a video showing a bit of spirited driving. Pathetic.
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