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Michelin PS5 vs PS4 S vs Sport Contact 7


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Hello All,


Recently had a major service and my rear tyres were flagged as almost completely worn! So looking at some advice on tyres these are the 3 options I want to go for, I only went Michelin on my previous car so Continental will be a first as far as performance tyres are concerned. I have been through some of the previous threads and these tyres are recommended online and SP7 from Ant on YT. Looking for the best balance of traction in dry and wet (noise also if it makes any difference) and wondering if the PS4 S is worth the extra £40 over the PS5. I have also read the thread wear on the Michelin's is far better than the SP7 (I read almost 40% more wear on these?) but any advice would be great.


Thanks in advance.

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Honest, any of the three will do you and unless you’re capable of shaving milliseconds off a lap time through pressure balancing, you’ll prob be hard pressed to notice the difference between the two Michelins. The PS4S has a slightly stiffer side wall, but again we’re talking fractions. 

I’ve tried the 4S and they’re good, but chose to run the 5 on my car. As you say, the extra wear is massively worth the difference over pretty much any other tyre, when it comes to your pocket. So yeah, PS5 would be my shout. 



It’s also a pretty tyre which we all know is the most important thing when it comes to choosing rubber, eh gang? 😉🤣

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I'm personally not a fan of Continentals. However I have got PS4 on the 370Z, and PS4S on the M4/GLE400d. However for sidewall sexyness it has to be the PS5 as mentioned though. B)

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