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Front ball joints


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HI all need a bit of help, I've been gathering parts to rebuild the front end of my 350z, its a late 2003 so I am assuming its  DE. I have been told DE's had 14mm ball joints and HR the 16mm ones. For some odd reason my car has a 14mm one side and a 16mm the other, so I am assuming somethign has been changed at some point in the past.


Does anyone know if the uprights and other arms are the same? I.e can I just buy a 16mm ball joint or will I have to change the other arms as well?




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This is a common issue and you also have to make sure that you fit the correct size of seating cone as well.


This is what you require, plenty in stock either as singles or as a pair.


Just drop me a pm if I can help further.





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8 hours ago, paulsx said:

Hi Alex thanks for that was hoping not to change the arm as mine has aftermarket bushes in it. How much are the arms and ball joints please?

I will send you a pm shortly with prices, however, please note that you can just replace the ball joint however it has got to be compatible with the seating cone and the arm and that is where the issues arise.

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