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Mechanical rattle when setting off in low revs in my 370z...


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Ive just purchased a 370z,i love the car - the only thing thats worring me is this loud metallic rattle when i pull on ff in low revs in 1st or 2nd - its fine after around 1k revs. I cant hear anything rattling or loose underneath. I contacted the previous owner and they said its single clutch conversion kit,that’s the noise it makes from dual mass to single mass clutch kit.


Is that likely what it is? I have read on another site that its probably that - to do with an aftermarket flywheel. It does sounds pretty rough in my ears, but is it something you just put up with?

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1 hour ago, ZMANALEX said:

Did you not drive the car before you bought it?


Fitting a SMF in place of the factory DMF usually creates a "rattle" at low rpm.


That is because the SMF does not have any transmission damping properties.


Ok cheers,i didnt hear it on the test drive as the exhaust is quite loud hehe.

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