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Gallery Gasket Garage Options


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Looks like my time has come and the gallery gasket has decided to pack up with PSI starting to reduce, now sitting at around 22ish when hot idle from around 29 a couple of months.


Couple of questions, any one had one done recently in Yorkshire region? And recommendations? What price did you pay, assuming looking at a grand, will get parts from Horsham probably with new bolts.


Assuming it not likely to be anything else, no leak, oil topped up etc? Anything else worth changing while the cars is in bits?





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I came up to Halifax near you to get my gaskets sorted last August. Horsham and also Abbey will sort it for you, but I didn't want to drive that far so Tarmac Sportz recommended me a garage called AB Autoworks.


You're right about the price, will cost about a grand. I got a service done at the same time because pretty sure they have to drain the oil for the job anyway but might be wrong on that. I'll link you their facebook, they've put a couple of things on there about gallery gaskets recently - 




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@Ben350Thanks, found this place eariler on facebook, looks like they know what they are doing, Halifax would be really convenient. 


Sounds like my best option, will call them tomorrow as dont want to leave it too long.


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