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I was recently involved in a motorcycle accident and wasnt able to use my 350z for 3 months. When i tried to start the car, it wouldnt start cause the battery was dead, so i bought a new battery. Even then it would still not start. It cranks but does'nt fully ignite. I checked the ignition coils with spares ones, and it still wont ignite. The alarm system arms but it wont go off when I open the doors. There is no immobiliser light in the dash, no steady no blinking. Its totally off. Any idea whats going on?

The car was perfectly starting and running before my motorcycle accident. Ive already verified that it isnt the CAM sensors, nor the crankshaft sensor, as well as having a fully charged battery, in inclusion the fuel pump is priming.

Iv'e ran out of ideas of what else it could be, for now running guess is the NATs system. I lock the car with the key fog and still my daughter was able to open the door with the spare key and the alarm didn't go off.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Very strange with the alarm not working, but I still don't think NATS as it wouldn't crank. Might be worth calling out your breakdown service for home start.

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Hi. I'm having a similar issue. After checking and changing loads I'm putting it down to bad fuel so I've currently taken out the coils packs. Removed the spark plugs and burned the bad fuel from them.  Letting the chambers air out for a day then putting it all back together and firing it.  I've done it around 6 times now and each time it's getting a little better. Hopefully soon it'll fire into life properly.   Ps I'm not a mechanic but just going via advice from others.  Hope it helps you. 


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