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Is there an issue with putting spacers on the ‘W’ brace?

Frankie G

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Hi everybody, I’m new to the forum and bought my 350z in January, after looking around for a while I got one I liked and set about tackling the rust issues (weren’t obvious at sale). Now that’s done I’ve started to make some mild modifications. I’ve fitted some Torqen High flow cats and a Stillen true dual cat back system.

The Stillen system is making contact with the W brace causing vibration in the cab, the system is fitted correctly and tight with no leaks (at the minute). 

My question is will it cause any issues if I put spacers on the W brace to give me a bit of clearance, maybe 10mm? 


I’ve seen that others on here have used that method. Just looking for noob advice.

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Hi Azurez33, Yeah Torqen have been fantastic, really looked after me when I had an issue with one of the cats. It’s the Stillen exhaust that’s contacting. I think the quick fix will be a couple 10mm Spacers, save me trying to manipulate the exhaust and causing a leak when everything seems good otherwise.

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