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Cold start issue


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I have an 03 Fairlady Z, recently had a hot start issue, would start then stall, so I decided to clean the TB, since I've cleaned the TB I've had an issue where if I start it after having it sit for a night, it'll miss and sputter for about 10 seconds and then be fine. The hot start issue is also gone. 

I can shut it off while it's acting up, start it up again and it'll start fine. 

When it starts to act up it fluctuates between 800-1800 rpm and sounds like it's going to die, has one else had this issue? 

No CEL or codes.

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7 hours ago, ZMANALEX said:

Sounds like you have messed up the TB I am afraid.


Battery and ECU and TB are all  best disconnected prior to TB cleaning.


Have you tried any resets?

I have tried the pedal dance, I will be trying it with the scan tool next week once my cable to connect to car to my laptop comes in the mail.

What would cause damage to the TB?

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