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Revup 5 ecu Settings


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Hi, had a quick question, have discovered the RevUp mapping done on my HR engine Z has 5 mapping setting controlled via the steering wheel which is great.


They all seem to have different setup with the 1st one being a lot more responsive etc, is there anyway to find out what they have actually been setup for, had heard sometimes a valet and security mode, the car starts on all setting and seems to drive fine on all 5?



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Gonna have to ask whoever mapped it to tell you. 


Valet mode will only let you rev upto 3k and I'm sure a 95 Ron map will only let you rev upto 5k. That's the best info I can offer you. 

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hi got mine done from horsham my 5 maps are:

1.perfomance map

2.perfomance with pop and bang

3.valet mode

4.number 1 again as theres not much you can do to an n/a

5.ignition switch- car wont turn on unless u input the right map setting.


 hope this helps.

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Thanks, certainly think 1 and 4 are the more sportier setting so could be similar.


My mode 3 is pretty tame, would it just hit a rev limit, it drives ok but pretty sluggish.


Suppose it easy to check mode 2 if it pops and bangs, certainly not as responsive as mode 1, maybe 95 map.


Mode 5 does not switch off the car either, hopefully Horsham keep records, useful to know, have check the paper work, nothing on the dyno prints or the receipts when the work was done. 


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