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Headlight upgrade


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My sight isn’t that good for night driving anymore so I thought I would give the headlamps an upgrade.

i understand LED lights are still illegal In the UK, for the ludicrous reason the legislators don’t know how to evaluate them.

Ive found some Boch Halogen bulbs in Halfords claiming 200% improvement and ok with the 370Z.  Seems a good investment, any comment?



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Whats the car? What year? Your forum name would suggest 350z, yet you mention 370z? 


You need to be sure whether you have halogen or HID bulbs before you commit to a purchase. I'd suggest that unless you have a basic Japanese import 350z, chances are you have factory HIDs, so halogen is off the cards.


Most factory supplied HIDs are around 4300 kelvin (light output - 1 kelvin is equivalent to 1 candle, so 4300 Kelvin = 4300 candles). I Would suggest looking at newer, brighter HID bulbs like bosch, Phillips etc and choosing between 5-6000 kelvin. Light output begins to drop the higher you go, so these adds claiming 8K HIDs are completely useless and you'd actually have worse output. Not to mention the colour spectrum will change the brighter you go, with 5-6K being the brightest, whitest light with a tinge of blue. 


But there's other factors as well, are your headlamps beginning to oxidise and discolour? That would reduce light output. 


Lastly, LED headlamps are not illegal in the UK. Retrofitting them IS due the preexisting headlamps not being able to properly spread the beam pattern and dazzling on coming vehicles. Many manufacturers, mine, Honda for example have LEDs on the top spec models and they are BRIGHT. Again depending on what your vehicle is, morimoto can supply you with upgraded LED headlamps that are legal RHD and would be perfectly legal in the UK. But that'll cost you £1300 quid. 


I can happily go on as I love lighting (I've upgraded my Nismo and love it) but more information required please 🙏 

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