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350z test result code

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Hi all,


So, I've been chasing a problem on my car for a while now which seems to come and go a bit. Rough idle, mainly when warmed up, which sometimes stalls the car when decelerating to a stop. Codes P1273, 1283, 1281 have cropped up at different times, but it isn't the O2 sensors themselves as they were replaced with brand new OEM ones. I thought I had eventually solved it, all explained in an earlier thread. But I guess I haven't...


My only remaining thoughts now are that it is being caused by a short in the harness somewhere.


The one bit I never did answer and which consistently appears when I have this issue is pictured below. Does anybody know what this information means or how/where to decode it? I've spent a fair bit of time on the internet trying to figure it out, but no joy. Is the writing on the wall and I simply need to have it plugged into the mothership at Nissan?

Cheers! :thumbs:


Last time is was:


TID:$4e CID:$0f


Max: 33,067

Test result value: 33,267


The reading below seems to be a similar issue against but against different sensor.



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I haven't mate, but may do soon in case it is indeed a wonky MAF causing these issues....


I think the codes may be to do with engine load etc... so an incorrect airflow reading at the MAF might explain it, plus the lean report from bank 1.

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