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Toe Bolt Fitting / Alignment - North West Recommendations

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I need SPC toe bolts fitting and an alignment but struggling to find anyone willing to do it...


I've tried;

TDI North - Declined to fit the bolts


Demon Tweeks - Same as above


Wheel Alignment Ball Joint Centre - Same as above


Hunter Steering & Suspension Centre - Same as above


Suspension Secrets - £150+Vat to fit the bolts but the only alignment they offer is £250+Vat. I am awaiting response if they will just do the bolts


If anyone has any recommendations it would be appreciated.







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Drury Lane Service Station in Oldham, 100%. They've got a Hunter. Been a couple of times myself after I've changed the odd thing & they've got it spot on each time, not cheap though, but you'd rather have it right first time.

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Cheers, will give them a call. 


Most places are only interested in doing the alignment and not fitting the bolts. 


True, happy to pay for a quality job. The only price I've had so far for both is £480 off Suspension Secrets which seems a lot 

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