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These messages are generated as a reminder.  You can set a mileage to expiration under the maintenance section on the dash pods. You can set them in multiples of 100 iirc.

Think you can do:





If you have a service record check when it was last done, you may have had a tech that set it up for you. Or it may have been set to 9000 done after 8000 and never changed leaving 1000 miles till the pop up message :thumbs:

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2 hours ago, ShortPaul said:

Every day is a school day 👨‍🎓


Only reason I know, I was pissing around with the buttons and triggered loads of alerts to change tyres and oil filter :lol:

Came in handy though, once the service was done I was able to set it to the 9k :) (well I did 8k, rather be early than late) 

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