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350z (DE/Rev-up) Clutch & DMF for Sale

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Hi all


Since selling my Z, i have a few parts available for Sale, only looking to recoup what I paid and not rip anyone off.


These parts were never installed (bar the relays) and are all intended for a DE/Rev-up 350.


Exedy Clutch (OEM Replacement)  - £210 

(release bearing and 8x replacement bolts included)


LUK Dual Mass Flywheel (OEM Replacement) - £250



I would be willing to bundle it together for £350



Due to the weight of the clutch and DMF I would prefer these to be collected (from Bristol or Swansea) or if you want to arrange a courier yourself to collect then I am also open to this.


Tarmac Sportz clutch service Kit - £60

1 x HEL Performance Braided Clutch Hose- Transparent

1 x 500ml Motul RBF 600 Factory Line Racing Fully Synthetic DOT 4 Brake/Clutch Fluid

1 x Centric Clutch Slave Cylinder



Also for sale

Replacement dial covers (purchased from Zmanalex) - £25 (incl. Postage) 

Replacement headlight relays x 2 (purchased from Zmanalex) - £10 each (incl. Postage) 


Lastly - for free to a good home, a 350Z Haynes manual (no picture). Someone from the Forum passed this on to me for free bar a small donation to the forum to cover postage so I offer the same - CLAIMED

Payment by cash or bank transfer.


Please feel free to PM me any questions and also please let me know if there are any issues with my listing etc. 






















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price drop on bundle
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Hi Alan


This is a LUK manufactured Flywheel (415 0213 11) intended as a direct replacement for the OEM Nissan one.

The Code above is a genuine Nissan flywheel (according to the internet) - https://nissangenuine.com/nissan/nissan-12310jk20c-flywheel-assy/


The following are shown when searched against the OEM comparison



However - I am in no way an expert in this field. I can only go by what I have found online and advice taken by this Forum when i went to purchase the part 




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1 hour ago, alan.aglaister said:


       What's the number on the flywheel I'm after a 12310JK20C



That is the part number for an HR 350Z

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35 minutes ago, alan.aglaister said:


       Do you have one for sale? or do you know anyone that does?

Kind Regards


Yes, I have one for sale, I also have a complete clutch kit for an HR.

Just drop me a PM so as to avoid hijacking Mike's for sale post.

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Hi Mike. Is this all still available? I know you have said it's suitable for a DE/Revup - I have a non-revup DE, 2004 Reg 350z. Do you know if it'll be suitable? Cheers. 

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Hey @sheikhhh10 


just to follow up, the clutch and flywheel are suitable for a DE. (Part numbers below?


Exedy Clutch Kit (Plate, cover, release bearing and 8x OEM replacement bolts)

Part no: NSK2168


LUK Dual Mass Flywheel

Part no: 415 0213 11


The clutch salve cylinder though I'm not so sure. Tarmac have two options on their website (03-04) and (05-07)


The one I have is (05-07). Not sure what the difference is, perhaps someone on here may be able to elaborate 




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@ZMANALEX hey mate, I know I've messaged you already regarding a clutch kit but wanted to confirm that if the clutch slave cylinder for the 05/07 will fit an 04? Or are they different between the years?




@Mikey_S my reg is T8HHS, if you wouldn't mind running whatever checks you need and just confirm if that's OK? The main thing I need is the flywheel and clutch. I have asked Alex to check on Friday if he has any oem clutch kits and flywheels in stock and it'll likely come down to price but the exedy is really attracting me ngl! 

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