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Was going through the mountains of stuff I have bought for a clear out and found this, opened up and had a read of the instructions and I think I will give it a go. Maybe wait till Monday when the chance of rain is nil though.


Anyone tried this or a product like it?



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Of course I have. :lol:


It's pretty easy stuff to use, just have decent lighting if you're working on silver wheels so you can see where you've applied. Other than that, make sure the wheels are clean and dry first, apply in a cross hatch pattern (work systematically, it helps to ensure coverage), take your time to spread it properly and buff out any smudges. 

When you're finished, make sure you haven't lost (and do reuse) the seal for the bottle and anything left over* will last a lot longer than it should for another time. Wash everything else thoroughly to prevent crystallisation of product and you're good to go.

Once cured, it should last the best part of a year or so.

*If you take your time, you'll probably have some left over, but not enough to do another full set of wheels - it can be used on a number of surfaces though (pretty much anything painted or metal actually).


IIRC the instructions suggest to dispose of cloths when you're done with them - I've found if you soak them immediately after use (have a bucket of water or something nearby and dump spent cloths in there when finished) you can reuse them, but just be aware that they could have crystallised product in them before you use them on paintwork. The applicators in particular are useful for all sorts!

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Just for reference I put this on, it’s pretty potent and the mask was needed. Easy to apply and it’s fantastic stuff, throw a bucket of water on the wheel and within a second or two it’s bone dry. Brilliant stuff. 

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