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Suspension Change (Koni Sports Kit/Yellow) - what else should I change?

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Hi guys


Changing to Konis on my 110k mile 350Z and was going to do some general maintenance at the same time. I took my Z to Abbey a couple of years ago and they recommended a load of bushings to change (which I've switched to White Line already) - is there anything obvious you think I should change?


Here's the list of stuff I've bought so far - it's basically any nut/bolt I'll touch during the install plus some of the bushings in the suspension bit itself (wasn't going to change the metal mounts - I figured they can't degrade much surely)?




Any other suggestions/misses?




Raj Tastic


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10 hours ago, Eddie_r32 said:

Have you replaced the rear lower shock bushing as the oem ones can weld themselves to the bolt which is always a fun time

Cheers for the tip - I think I've ordered what you're referring to?1300195923_Screenshot2020-09-27at20_21_51.png.4057ce01f29860a77f1effd021a841f1.png

I also email Koni and they said that there's prob no need to replace any of the mounts (i.e. the bits made of metal) so just the rubbers should be good.

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In fact, just realised OEM bushing are half the price. Reckon I'll notice any difference? I've got whiteline poly bushes elsewhere but those are all parts which didn't come with a bushing pre-installed (i.e. someone had to press the old rubber ones out).



Screenshot 2020-09-27 at 22.16.55.png

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