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Top Speed Tuesday


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So recently a friend convinced me to tag along to a Straightliners top speed event at Elvington runway, speeds were measured over a 1/2 mile and mile. Managed to get 6 runs, best run I clocked a 148.366mph through the traps over the mile. All runs were within 1mph of each other so mega consistent which I was happy with.


I took everything out of the car which wasn't necessary and fiddled with tyre pressures throughout the day but it made little to no difference, started the day thinking anything over 140mph and I would be happy as the Z Isn't really a straight line speed car. Slightly gutted I had a full tank of fuel as this adds more weight but even still I don't think with the current mods 150mph+ would have been achievable over the mile. 


The last few runs everyone ignored the braking markers and carried on accelerating down the 2 mile runway and braked as late as they dare! I managed to get upto 170mph before slamming the anchors on, car felt like it was still pulling but very, very slowly, not sure it had much more to give, or if it did, it would have taken a long, long time to get there! 


All in all a brilliant day out and I would highly recommend it to anyone, really was fun. 



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54 minutes ago, Ekona said:

Finally, a sensibly priced alternative to Vmax! How was the day run? Anything interesting there? Shelter/grub available? Marshals and first aid on hand?

All in all the day cost £165.00, £150.00 for the event and £15.00 for a days ACU licence, the day itself was really well organised, everyone followed social distancing guidelines etc. Booked on and went through scrutineering then went for a drivers/riders brief, all quite relaxed to be honest with a bit of light hearted humour. 


There was a burger van there but I took some grub with me as I didn't expect much to be there due to Covid. No proper shelter as you are in the middle of an airfield but luckily we had a lovely day with bright sunshine and a moderate crosswind.


As for vehicles I was one of the slowest in the car class, in fact 2nd last! There was a 400bhp Evo 8 which surprisingly only pulled 152mph over the mile, an M2 which pulled 162mph over the mile, an F80 M3 which was seriously quick think he pulled 194mph over the mile then a stock looking M240i which pulled 197.4mph over the mile but later told me he kept going to well over 200mph at the end of the runs! 


Paramedics were set up at the end of the mile marker which thankfully were not needed on the day and the marshalls were quite strict about speeds entering/exiting the pit lane, plus there was plenty of marshalls around. 


Some seriously quick bikes, made the cars look slow to be honest! 

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4 hours ago, Ekona said:

Sounds excellent, I might have to have a look at that :) do you run solo or two at a time?

Just solo runs, I think it's purely down to safety reasons, I would definitely recommend it, it's only a 40 minute drive from me so it's ideal, quite a few people had travelled from a far. 

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