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New harness/brace bar - GC Fabrications


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Hi all


Recently discovered a fabricator (very) local to me near Ipswich. If you search '350Z harness bar uk' they come up first - and at a great price. - https://gcfabrications.co.uk/product/350z-harness-bar-cabin-brace/ 


I've been over to meet the owner Grant about some custom works which may lead to new products - seems like an enthusiastic can-do guy.


Ordered this a couple weeks ago - arrived within 4 days. Fitted yesterday, very good fitment - fits underneath the OEM seat belt mount after removing a couple of washers to make room. Very happy with the result - ready for running harnesses/helmet/HANS on track. (not going full cage - very much remaining a street car)



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On 11/04/2021 at 16:07, Silk said:

What bolts did you use to bolt the back arms down to the base in boot please 

Bolts that come with it.


Hole on passenger side doesn't have a thread but I managed to get it threaded in and make a thread by rocking back and forth.

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14 hours ago, RobPhoboS said:

Took a while to get my one but happy with what he did !
Nice guy to chat to as well, I tried to persuade him to do a bolt in roll cage too as I don't think there are many easy options.

I went over the other day for a catch up and he randomly tells me he forgot he had a whole 350Z shell in his other storage down the road. 😆

He's done cages on Zs before which is why he had the shell, but probably weld-in?

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