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Does anyone run a ODBC2 connector to their phone ? I don't actually need one to clear EML's but I think it looks cool when you have the software on the phone with all the dials shown etc. So, if you do have one......


Which model of ODBC reader, little plug in unit not the hand held.

Which app (IOS)

Which phone holder do you use.


Many thanks

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5 hours ago, The Bounty Bar Kid said:

Buy a Bluetooth one. No need to run it physically to your phone.

Bluetooth ones don't work with iphones, will need to be done via wifi


A quick search on Amazon brings up loads.


This one has lots of reviews and looks okay. It's £10.99, should do everything you need.


Only problem is the iphone reader is a bit bigger (maybe for the wifi module?) so if you'll have to try not whack your leg on it.

For phone mounts - Brodit is the best, I'm actually selling mine, you can have it for a fiver + postage if you want it? It's this one here, clips on next to the radio.


Apps: Torque is the best.  I've only used it on android but assume the IOS app is just as good.

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