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Tarmac sports short tails for my nismo

Fred A

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Hi guys,


Does anyone on here  have Tarmac sports short tails fitted to their 370z nismo? I'm considering getting them for my nismo but would like to hear what they sound like before I decide.  It would be good to meet up with someone who has them fitted to their nismo. I based in the south east.

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38 minutes ago, Wheels 370z said:

I have them on mine Fred but based in the West Mids. I'm really please with them. Suppose a little 'droney' at certain speeds but nothing that makes me regret having them.

Thanks mate. Glad to hear they sound good, but it's the droning that I'm worried about hence needing to hear it in the flesh.

I may message you later for a meet up if there's no one else closer to me that has them fitted.

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