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Coolant change... Dont need over 9 litres!


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I recently did a differential and gearbox oil change, no problem :thumbs:.

The coolant swap came next and followed several youtube guides to make sure i was not missing something even though its a simple and straight forward operation.

I warmed the car up, put heater setting on hot, ramped the front up a little and then released the fluid by removing the plastic plug under the radiator and opened the pressure cap. After 20 mins i opened the bleed valve on the small top hose and left it all for half hour to fully drain. I thought about turning over the engine briefly to get the water pump to send some more out but decided against that and anyway, no one had suggested it.  I opened my first 5 litre bottle of nissan premixed coolant and slowly filled up and continued the process over a few hours according to the guides. All easy but after fully filling and bleeding the system with no air left therein I found that no more than the 5 litres was needed.

Have any of you guys found this also. Now I have a spare unopened 5 litre of coolant.

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