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Standard 20" GTR Wheels Fit 370Z?


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1 minute ago, Killick.z said:

Pretty certain I've seen a few 370z with the standard GTR wheels (mostly in the USA) - and I think they look too big on a Z imo. 

When I ask do they fit, I mean do they rub and is the speedo still accurate with the standard profile of the 20" tyre?


Personally I prefer the "dark" colour of the 20" GTR wheel compared to the 19" Nismo 370Z diamond cut wheel.


In fact I prefer my 18" base dark wheel to the Nismo wheel.

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Only seeing this post now, and I think my picture should confirm :

1. They do fit,

2. Tyres are a mental price,

3. No rubbing, but seem to make the car very bump steerery,

4. yes, I also think they look too big, especially when running with lowering springs,

5. I've just bought some funky concave staggered 19" bronze alloys, as the std 18s look lost, so a set of mint gtrs going up for sale ha.


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