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[SOLD][ALL SOLD] Brand new 350Z Vortech supercharger spares


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New unused Vortech V3 SCi spares and upgrades.



3.12” upgrade pulley (worth £89 + p&p)

For the popular Vortech V3SCi supercharger system, this is the middle sized 6 rib supercharger drive pulley. Smaller diameter than the standard 3.33” means it spins the charger faster by ratio - more charger power for not much cost. You will need a shorter belt.





Oil Sold

2 x bottles of unopened supercharger oil (a 3 pack is normally worth £45 + p&p)

These are the 4oz oil units that are required at least every 7500miles for the Vortech V3 superchargers service interval. It is necessary to keep up to date with oil changes, especially on supercharged Zeds. I consumed one of the tubes in a 3 pack very recently servicing my car (hence now there are 2 for sale as a pair, and the reusable funnel nozzle has been used).




As mentioned elsewhere on here, my car will be up for sale very soon.



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