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Does AC come on automatically?


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Hi all, the light on the AC dial/switch seems to have given up so now I can't tell if it is on or not. Pretty it is just the light that is not working and the actual dial is still working.


So question is, is there an easy/obvious way that I can easily tell whether the AC is on or not? 


I was thinking for some reason that when the dial is turned on from the "off" position, the AC is default on? Or am I dreaming??



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6 minutes ago, Kryptek49 said:

The cold air might give it away :D 


IIRC, mine turns on as soon as I turn the car on, regardless of if the dial is set to off.


I'll double check after work if no-one else can confirm it.

:lol: I should've expected that one!!


That's strange though, the thing that is certain on mine was when right hand dial was off, there is no light for AC. Just can't remember if then it comes on as default when I turn it on or not!!


Do let me know when you get a chance to check. Cheers.

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