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Clutch and flywheel replacement

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Hi guys 

My clutch has started slipping what do you lot reccomend as a replacement as an Improvement over stock?


Would I benefit from lightend flywheel?


350z 06 DE 



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A lightened flywheel lets the engine rev more freely but gives a bit more 'chatter' than a DMF so it depends whether you can tolerate the increased noise. Also SMFs tend to be cheaper and don't wear as easily. 


As far as clutches go you might as well stick with OEM unless you're planning on tracking the car or running a lot more power than standard through it. 


If you do decide to go for a SMF I think this kit is pretty popular and really well rated- https://h-dev.co.uk/product/nissan-350z-z33-de-xtreme-clutch-single-organic-kit-inc-smf-kni25525-1a/?v=79cba1185463

I've got the same one for my zed but haven't fitted it yet. 


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Hi Danny,


JWT clutch and flywheel combo is what we sell the most. Always in stock :)


See here:




or if you want lighter flywheel, see here:



As Jack said, the engine revs better with the light aluminium flywheel and the car accelerates faster, but the rattling on idle or below 1800rpm is a bit louder than on the iron flywheel.



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I run the JWT clutch with a lightened fly wheel and the clutch just feels like the OEM did, lightened fly wheel took a wee bit getting used to at first but well worth the slight chatter at idle. 

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