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What do you use

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Just started using alien magic car products on my Z 

and my favourite tyre dressing is by black pearl tyre armour. 









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Only just saw this thread after answering your questions on mopping.

I can see you're already pampering your gorgeous zed and rims so apologies for implying anything else in my other post :lol:

Over the past 10 years or so I have used a few different things but now my goto products are.

Powermaxed Jetwash and Wax 


Simoniz wash and wax shampoo.

Costco Kirkland Signature MF coated wash sponge.

Kent car care MF drying towel.

50:50 mix of Chemical Guys Hybrid V07 spray sealant and Sonax Brilliant shine detailer as a drying aid.

Optimum Optiseal wipe on and walk away on the rims after washing them.

Autoglym instant  tyre dressing

Meguires Metal Polysh for tailpipes.


Occasionally I'll use Carpro IronX  fallout remover.

ValetPro tar remover.

Farecla Clay Mitt.

Autoglym SRP or Prima Amigo paint cleanser/glaze

Soft99 Fusso wax.

Gtechniq C5 on rims once a year.

Gtechniq C4 on plastic trim when needed and every year or two on the headlights after polishing them.


Dr Leather wipes for the seats.

RainX for glass (awaits to be ridiculed :lol: )

Got a bunch of other stuff that I rarely use but do similar jobs to what I have above.





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10 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

(awaits to be ridiculed :lol: )


... Must... Resist... :lol:


Might be quickly to run through what I haven't used rather than what I have. :wacko: There might be one or two things detailed* in here.

Also, this; https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/100787-proper-wash-guide-add-your-favourite-detailing-products/



*I'm not even sorry. :D

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