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Little help please...


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Hi all, long time admirer but slow poster


looking at having a quick clean up this weekend, but got differing stuff in my head


Should I go:-









or sealant then wax?


sorry it’s a rubbish post but it’s hard on phone with a 4year old swinging on arms!!



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Wax is a form of sealant - you don't need to apply any after waxing, infact it probably won't take very well. You can apply wax to the car after a chemical sealant, but not the other way around. Other than that, it sounds good to me!


It might be wise to use a clay bar or contaminant remover such as Iron X to get rid of any stubborn contaminants or tar spots before you polish too, but that depends on how dirty the car is!

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I can’t condone the use of IronX - see either of my threads on fallout removers - but the rest is good advice. Sealant after a was is entirely a waste of product, it simply won’t bond so the sealant will be removed very quickly. Wax after a sealant is equally as pointless though tbh. Any decent sealant won’t need a top up and the wax will be a sacrificial layer so either go with a better sealant or choose either wax or sealant rather than both.


What products in particular are you thinking of? You would probably be better off doing a proper pre-wash and cleanse routine and going for a mediocre LSP (wax or sealant) than going for a mediocre cleanse and an expensive LSP.


Also, pictures. We like like pictures! :D

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