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Starting after sitting over winter


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Bit of a strange question but my 350z HR has been sitting for a few months outside the workshop while awaiting parts for a gearbox rebuild. Obviously gearbox was removed so couldn't start it. I'm in the south so not as bad weather but still had a bit of snow and frost, so not sure if it will be fine to just start it or if I should do anything else like a oil change?? It was serviced just over 1000 miles ago with Fuchs titan 5w30.



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On 19/02/2018 at 10:27, Tricky-Ricky said:

So was there a problem and how was it fixed or did you just fit a new battery? it helps others if you can give us fix for the problem then others searching for the same kind of problem know what to try.

Wasn't an issues just wanted to make sure it started alright and didn't damage any thing. We turned the flywheel by hand before installing the gearbox to make sure it wasn't seized or anything and then just pulled  the fuel pump fuse we turned it over to get oil pressure going. Then just started as normal and let it warm up. All seems good and running well :thumbs:

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