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Gearbox oil change

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just looking for some help on what I'll need when changing the gearbox oil, i.e what oil type is best, will i need to replace the plug gaskets and where to get them from etc.


Any help is appreciated,



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Best to replace the oil with genuine Nissan OEM gear box oil. There's no gaskets on the plugs so no worries there, also always make sure you can remove the fill plug before you remove the drain plug.

 Adding molyslip also helps with gear changes if you find them a bit notchy, 1st to 2nd is especially common. 


Heres some quick links to a couple of our traders on here, others are available though in the traders section. 





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Shezza has covered it. I would just add - you need to be able to fill the thing back up, so you need the bottles with the spouts on or a large oil syringe, I have made an oil filler that uses compressed air and it saves hours of messing about. :)

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