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Wrong address, huge premium

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Today was the day I decided to sort my insurance out, 30 days before it expired. Iv found premiums to be lower the earlier you purchase them. 


Pretty much exact same circumstance and criteria as last year, with exhaust declared and no mods, which worked the premium out to be £302 with a £100 compulsory and £350 voluntary excess making £450 total.


I hit search/ calculate on a popular comparison website and quotes come back at £570 premium with a £750 excess. I search through my data input to see if there's anything drastic I had got wrong, I had. 


I'd gone off the automated postcode search and accidentally clicked the wrong address, which is two doors down, and the exact same style house as mine with the same postcode. Within a stones throw. I change this to the correct house number and voila, £330 premium with same excess. 


I change it back and forth to make sure this was the sole cause of the hike, it was. I started to feel a little sorry for my neighbor! 


Previously iv just taken out a new policy annually with who ever is offering the best cover at the time. Iv called current insurers many times and they can never beat it, so I stopped asking if they can get close. I felt like it was a waste of my time and theirs. 


However this year, I call them up to lapse my policy and without mentioning any figures at all, I get £65 knocked off as a loyalty bonus! So I decided to run with my current insurer which iv never done before. Exact same cost as last year and same cover. I'm happy with that. 


My poor neighbor next door though! 

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Ultimately a post code of TW10 1AB is as different to a computer algorithm to TW10 2AB as much as SG5 5YZ. I had a frank conversation with a specialist insurer when I moved one street away a couple of years back and my insurance went up something like 20% He said that they pretty much have to just draw lines in the sand and yes your next door neighbour could differ but how else can it be done, there has to be a black and white difference by post code based on theft/damage/claims etc made by specific post codes.

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Little Britain style 'computer says no'. I didn't think any claim would be logged against their address? We're in a cul-de-sac and I'm at the end and they're pretty much next door. 


I did think about questioning it with insurers but then thought maybe my premium was wrong and they would knock mine up. Kept hush! :)

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