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The complete knocks'n'noises thread...

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After having the car for just over a year now and experiencing some of the different wear-related noises, i thought it'd be a good idea to start a thread where we can explain various noises and the possible culprits.

I've found some are easy to find, other's not so.

The aim of the thread is to essentially provide a list of the common areas to explore when trying to locate a noise.

Please add to it or edit where you see fit.




Clicky axle - occurs when coming off or on to the accelerator - a sort-of clunking noise - search for clicky axle fix.


Banana/compression arm - a knocking when going over bumps - bush failure, replace bush or entire arm.


Drop links - a knocking noise when going over bumps - joint failure, replace drop links.






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Creaky/clunk on Roadsters when crawling off curbs or over speed humps

Mine seems to be the rubber bungs in the door shuts, cured with wd-40 after every wash just rub some on the end and on the body with a microfibre. 

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