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Smoke from Engine


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Hey Guys,


I've just got my car back from the bodyshop after getting the paintwork tidied up. She's been sitting for over a week.


I drove the short journey home through town, and when parking up, I noticed smoke coming from the engine. The car feels normal and pulls ok.


I had a look and can see visible signs of an oil leak from quite high up - I'm thinking valve cover gaskets?


Anyway the smoke was really worrying. It wasn't billowing out, but it was pretty visible. I tried to get an oil read using the useless dipstick and I think she's low, but it's hard to tell.


How worried should I be? Is the valve cover gasket an easy enough job, or is there potentially a more serious problem? Is the smoke like coming from oil on the manifold or cat?




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Ah right, so at least they have not been out hooning it. Could just be coincidence that the gasket has dried out/failed don't think its a big job to replace but if it's leaking enough to drip and cause smoke then it needs attention asap.

May as well do both sides and full oil change while your stripping it.

Fingers crossed it's just the gasket for you, the covers are pretty pricey.

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It's definitely oil.


Gonna see about getting the gaskets and replacing them this week. I am comfortable doing brakes and the like but haven't attempted anything like this before... Is it more time-consuming than difficult?

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