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UPREV ARC upgrades DE cars

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Mark, do you map in "pops and bangs" on request ?


My girlfriend has her car booked In with you for up rev (2005 car) and has just found out about pops and bands and is now like a kid at Christmas lol


Pops and bangs come free of charge with the base UPREV cost.





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Hey Mark,


I already have UPREV on my Z33 DE.


As you've already mentioned that JDM ECU's are okay for this, how much will you quote for just getting pops + bangs mapped in?





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On 15/05/2017 at 23:02, Mark@Abbey m/s said:

Bad news I am afraid , there isn't enough space left in the Eprom to get the extra code for the ARC license/set up.


So only way for you DE guys to have ARC items is to change over to a US DE wide band ECU The ECU number is 23710-CF000 you require, this will enable you gusy to have have multi maps and allow us to love tune the car when adding a Uprev tune.

Any changes or updates on this? 
Have 03 cd700 ecu was hoping they figured it out by now 

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