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  1. Thanks Andy buddy! I’ve lots more on my Instagram DubMonkeyGarage if you wanna check it! 😊
  2. True but I’d like to learn some stuff too Yeno 😃 I’ll reach out to Mark and see what he says.
  3. Any changes or updates on this? Have 03 cd700 ecu was hoping they figured it out by now
  4. If I do that would he not just be like just pay me to map it bro hahaha?
  5. Hey guys new to the forum here so want to start by saying hi. So to get into the meat of it I own a 350z 03 De. I have recently purchased an uprev tuning cable and I am attempting to map my car to pop bang and shoot flames. Ino a lot of people don’t agree with this and that’s fine that’s your opinion but I would appreciate some support as an intermediate tuner but a beginner pretty much with uprev. I’ve read on other forums to adjust the timing when on low to no throttle input to -7 on the timing table however I’m unable to pass 0 on my timing table and to adjust fuel map to dump more fuel for intended effect. They also mention to disable over run fuel cut but I do not see that as an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated! —————— attached is an image of my drift car!
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